Medical device manufacturers know that Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and FDA compliance means that you cannot cut corners ensuring the clinical safety and reliability of medical devices. Thorough testing and application knowledge of medical equipment is required to ensure that each device functions as it is designed to perform.

Medical Equipment Leak Detection System

Unlike off-the-shelf mass-produced leak detectors, InterTech’s patented nondestructive testing instrumentation for FDA-regulated manufacturers is optimized for GMP manufacturing environments. InterTech’s medical equipment leak detection system is proven to be the most cost-effective test technology for a wide range of medical devices and medical products such as catheters, dialysis equipment, medical check valves, syringes, laparoscopic instruments, IV bags, oxygen regulators, implanted medical devices, artificial valves, home care technology, and more.

InterTech’s turnkey test solutions consistently lower medical device, medical product testing costs by 25% or more. To achieve these cost-reductions and maintain GMP standards, InterTech utilizes an encyclopedic knowledge base of test fixture design and a wide array of leak test technology methodologies for medical device manufacturers.

Medical Testing Systems

For medical testing systems, InterTech’s MED75 Leak Detector is designed specifically for the high-speed testing of medical products. The compact instrument is a single channel mass flow leak detector which was engineered for medical device leak testing applications.

Understanding how testing works will help manufacturers design and implement the testing process. It is recommended you work with leak test experts such as InterTech to create a customized testing system so that manufacturers understand how a leak test works, allowing them to design better products and achieve more realistic throughput with leading-edge technology and company know-how.

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Intertech Engineers & Accreditation

InterTech’s Applications Engineers are on-call to provide no-cost consultations on your specific medical device leak testing, functional testing, or assembly and test challenge. Contact an applications engineer for help or more information.

ISO 17025 accreditation of InterTech’s Calibration and Applications Laboratory’s quality management system compliments its ISO9001 accreditation ensuring customers and end- users are assured of quality and proven standards at all stages within their supply chains.

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