How to speed up Leak Testing of Medical Bags!

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The Challenge:

The uses for plastic medical bags– long a staple of modern medical care—continue to multiply. Remaining competitive and maintaining market share as the demand for these products grows relies on driving down costs and speeding up production lines. Medical bags come in various sizes and configurations—some relatively large volume; some with closures that allow precise metering of pharmaceutical deliveries; all needing to be leak-proof at precise pressure conditions, usually to a very stringent standard.

The InterTech Solution:

Leak testing medical bags quickly and accurately is enabled by using InterTech MED 75 leak test technology. These superior MED 75 test instruments have unsurpassed test accuracies with optimal GR&R have proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid state sensors at their core.

This medical bag testing with MED 75 technology allows: direct measurement of leakage flows; accuracy & repeatability; fast response and recovery times; consistent test results that are independent of variations in line pressures; mean time between failure measured in years of operation; NIST traceability & on-site calibration.

InterTech MED 75 leak test technology

Medical Bags / Medical Applications

Test Process and Solution:

InterTech’s family of Med75 instruments are uniquely suited to meet the demanding requirements of the medical products industry.

Additional Features

  • An automated R&R Mode facilitates machine qualification and audit traceability
  • Instruments are Ethernet IP capable
  • On-board data logging & analysis helps meet current risk management requirements
  • Barcode scanner interface capabilities assures product traceability

Can in-line testing be done without human operators?

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Answer: YES!

A growing number of leading global manufacturers with test-intensive assembly lines fully incorporate robots to allow for automatic and untended operations.

The Challenge

Remaining competitive in today’s global marketplace now means finding ways to fully integrate robotics into manufacturing and assembly operations. When assembly lines are robotics-ready, more reliable robots not only expedite loading and unloading of parts, but also make quicker and more accurate calibrations.

Testing automotive transfer cases are typical of applications where robotics-ready test assemblies are more competitive by eliminating both costs for human operators, and the inaccuracies in calibration testing inherent in manually loaded parts. These are products that not only need to be leak tested to assure proper operation, but also usually come in multiple configurations requiring changes in tooling.

Test-intensive assembly lines

Testing automotive transfer cases

Two test stations are designed to accommodate easy entry by the robot. An InterTech M1075 Mass Flow Leak Detector controls the testing and minimizes cycle time while meeting 10% GR&R

Key Features

  • InterTech FastFill® technology fills large volume parts faster than conventional leak testers.
  • Universal fixture eliminates downtime.
  • InterTech M1075y Leak Detector displays test data in real time.
  • Automated R&R mode facilitates scheduled machine qualification and audit traceability.
  • EtherNet/IP compatible.

InterTech’s improvements to electronic mass-flow sensing makes our technology more practical for dry air leak testing in factory environments, by maintaining high measurement accuracy across a wider range of operating conditions.

Contact IDC for application details

Medical device manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide depend on InterTech to ensure that their products meet the performance standards dictated by the demands for high quality

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Mass Flow Leak Testing provides a direct measurement of leakage independent of pressure and volume. Faster shorter cycle times will produce an instantaneous measurement of flow at the end of stabilization. No further delays waiting for pressure decay. Mass flow leak testing can be used in both upstream and downstream modes, under pressure and vacuum conditions.

InterTech Medical Device Unit

InterTech has pioneered this patented technology by developing a flow transducer that can measure leakage to less than 0.05 sccm, for test volumes from 1 cc to more than 5 liters while meeting GR&R of less than 5%.

Calibration is NIST traceable using a transfer standard such as a CalMaster or a calibrated orifice which can be connected to the panel mounted calibration port. A menu driven sequence results in the independent calibration of the instrument’s zero and span.


Does state of the art leak testing impact today’s clinical outcomes?

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  • Fail-safe systems for delivery of new and ever more expensive oncology drugs, infusion therapies, and even long-established methods for blood transfusions and more all rely on leak-proof plastic medical bags.
  • These staples of clinical treatments now also need to be durable for homecare uses. Because they come in various sizes and configurations -some relatively large volume; some with closures that allow precise metering of pharmaceutical deliveries; but all needing to be leak-proof at precise pressure conditions—they require versatile by consistently high-precision leak test methods and instruments.
  •  Contact InterTech Development Company on how its superior Leak Test Instruments are being deployed and driving down costs in this fast-growing proliferation of applications for medical plastic bags.

Electric Vehicle (EV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Testing

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Question – Isn’t leak testing irrelevant for near future AV EV models?

Answer: Leak Testing is More Critical Than Ever for New AV EV models!

  •  Will the electronic controls in AV EV models be failsafe?
  •  Will radar systems maintain integrity for the life of the vehicle?
  •  Will cameras maintain optimal visibility over the vehicle’s lifetime?

These may be relatively new questions for most automakers to grapple with but they are issues that InterTech’s Test Engineering Specialists have grappled with and perfected solutions in past decades for a wide range of applications – testing seals around underwater cameras, to protecting laparoscopic surgical instruments, to protecting electronic controls in outdoor applications.

IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Expo Chicago

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The recent ASSEMBLY Show Oct 2019 provided a Leak Testing driven content by IDC as suppliers’ buyers and users explored new Leak Testing techniques, products and services and in doing so help them learn, share and explore all things regarding Leak Detection methodologies.

The Show attracted a significant amount of visitors who engaged in a very positive manner when visiting our Exhibition Stand in a range of leak testing requirements and applications.

Showcasing leading Edge Leak Test Equipment

Leak Testing Technology

IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Show included:

  • Leading Edge EV and AV Testing Technologies and Innovations to improve test times accuracy and reduce testing costs
  • Innovations for Large Volume Part Leak Testing—InterTech Ex-Heat®.
  • Demonstrations of State of Art InterTech Test Instruments for Medical Device Testing
  • InterTech Lean Test® for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs

ISO 14971 Compliance – Dry Air Leak Testing

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Demanding medical device leak standards — where leaks as small as 0.71 microns come into play have traditionally been handled by tracer gas-based leak test instruments. These machines are relatively costly that encumber operations with unnecessary costs and drags on production lines.

Medical Device Risk Management in Compliance with ISO 14971

InterTech is now working with a growing number of global medical device manufacturers to ensure ISO 14971 compliance using InterTech’s patented mass flow dry air leak testing technology to reduce test times and testing costs.

Contact IDC to ensure your ISO 14971 compliance with dry air leak testing.

Let’s Connect at Assembly Chicago 2019 – Oct 22nd – 24th Booth 700

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Join InterTech Development Company at Assembly 2019

Tour InterTech Development Company’s newly patented test technologies. Come learn how InterTech Development Company’s deep bench of test engineering talent continues to develop breakthrough testing techniques – both for leak testing and functional tests for a wide range of medical, automotive and other industries where product function and integrity must be assured.

IDC Engineering Expertise

Schedule a Meeting or Schedule a Tour!

InterTech’s Test Engineering Specialists are available to meet with you one-to-one to discuss your testing challenge and/or to give you a personal tour of these test innovations. To schedule an appointment, contact 847-679-3377, or email:

See You at Assembly 2019 Booth 700

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