InterTech Development Company Showcases M1075 Leak Tester – Assembly Expo Oct 22 – 24 2019 – Booth No. 700

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InterTech Development Company will be showcasing latest generation leak test technology in Assembly Booth #700 — InterTech M1075 Leak Tester using InterTech’s patented mass flow sensor technology that can speed leak testing up to 30%.   Unlike earlier generation leak testers, the competitively priced M1075 uses a small mass sensor with a much faster reaction and recovery time back to zero, and requiring a much lower pressure drop across the sensor in order to obtain a measurable flow.

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State of Art InterTech Test Instruments for Medical Device Testing

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  • State-of-the-art Sealed Package Test Systems, especially geared for testing products in aseptic conditions- with an InterTech M1075Y-07y mass flow leak tester with integrated machine control.
  • Dimensional Gages Combined with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) Analysis Software for In-line Functional Testing of medical implants.
  • InterTech MED75 Leak and Flow Test Instrument simulates the pressure of fluids introduced by syringe into the elastomeric balloon of an infuser. The test instrument ensures that the infuser doesn’t leak back out through the injection site. In addition, the flow of medicine out of the infuser needs to be within a tightly controlled tolerance.
  • EtherNet/IP enabled InterTech MED75 dual function leak and flow test instruments that enable fast testing within ISO 13485 Requirements for Maintaining Consistent Quality Systems.
  • Low-cost sleep apnea devices quality assured with InterTech’s MED75 Universal Tester used for combinations of flow tests, blockage tests, pressure decay and mass flow leak tests. A unique test fixture that prevents seal creep and ensures consistent flow needed for reliable testing is used. A feedback loop controls flow within a tight band with flow settings programmable for flexible operation.

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InterTech Highlights 2019 include: Innovation for Large Volume Part Leak Testing—InterTech Ex-Heat®

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By reducing stabilization time —the slowest part of the leak test—on large open test volumes—InterTech helps manufacturers of parts like automotive oil pans, medical bags and more reduce testing times by as much as 25%.

The Ex-Heat ® process reduces stabilization time and variation by extracting the warm unstable air from the test part, replacing it with stable air, at the correct test pressure, and ready to be measured for the leak rate value.

IDC Patented Technology Link.


InterTech Lean Test® for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs

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InterTech has developed methods to speed leak testing up to 50%.  This proven technology has put numerous customers’ leak testing processes in the fast lane and eliminated production bottlenecks worldwide.

Stop in and see if your application is a fit for this high-speed solution at the Assembly Show Oct 2019 Booth 700.


How can manufacturing of newer generation micro-dosing smart drug delivery systems be done reliably and affordably

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For the latest in Medical Device Techology read the latest design report DR155 from InterTech

See:  DR155 Rev1 How can manufacturing of newer generation micro-dosing smart drug delivery systems be done reliably and affordably (locked file)

Experience is Key to Leak Testing – Industry Insights in Assembly Magazine

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Medical device assembly insights by Jacques Hoffmann in Assembly Mag August 2019

If manufacturers understand how a leak test works it will help them to design better products and achieve more realistic throughput.

Understanding how testing works will help the process. And it is recommended you work with leak test manufacturers to create a customized testing system.

Suppliers can also provide guidance on how to integrate leak and flow testers into high volume automated assembly lines.  Here again, understanding how testing works is important, many engineers underestimate the time needed.

Read more at Assembly Magazine August 2019.


Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material – China Expo

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  • Visitors saw the latest in Leak Detection such as IDC Test Technology and Innovation, test rigs, simulation packages, durability testing technologies, crash testing know-how, dynamometers, emission measurement systems and dynamic assessment tools, as well as countless service providers such as proving grounds and test facilities. AMT highlighted innovations in intelligent automobile network, lightweight car body structure, AR/VR, automation and smart factory solutions.
  • More than 800 exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from around the world networked, sourced, learn and explored together at the event of the year for automotive engineering industry.
  • The path to reduced product development cycles, more efficiency and better durability started at the IDC Booth at AMT Shanghai!


  • IDC – Booth W2 – F16 July 2019.

Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material

Big Data analysis by IDC

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Many Manufacturing Industries including Automotive and Medical Device face a growing number of challenges and pressures. Cost pressure, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing. At the same time, big data and analytics today offer previously possibilities for tackling these and many other challenges they face. Efforts to streamline processes and optimize supply chains can be supported by examining every process component and supply chain link in detail. Big Data analytics give manufacturers this capability.

IDC offers know how in seamless integration and innovation within the manufacturing environment in Leak Detection with its range of products, supplier management capability, and data transparency and reliability.  IDC offers industry-leading quality management solutions that enables Big Data analysis and a path to better quality management.

Leak Testing Trends – New Article by IDC

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Over the economic life of a leak tester, the upfront costs of the test instrument are a mere fraction of the overall testing costs

For a broad range of automotive, medical and other products, leak testing requirements before products are released to the marketplace have not changed. What has changed in recent years is several new technologies—some related to data handling and the Industrial Internet of Things and others relating to test techniques—that now change the calculus of determining best-match solutions for leak testing.  In this article we will do a quick review of pressure decay and mass flow leak testing methods, and then explore the new technologies impacting decisions on how to best configure leak test systems.

Key Insights include:

  • Pressure Decay Testing vs. Mass Flow Testing
  • Updates to Mass Flow Test Methods
  • Customized Sensor Technology
  • Patented Innovations for Large Part Testing
  • Methods for Early Pass/Fail
  • Robotics and Calibrations
  • Harnessing IoT Benefits

Contact IDC for full article and leak test insights.

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