The Virtual Approach to Expos in 2020 – Assembly Show Chicago October 27 – 28th

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The ASSEMBLY Show Virtual is the go-to resource for anything and everything related to assembly technology, equipment and products. The event will feature educational presentations lead by industry experts, new product demos, supplier information, numerous networking opportunities as well as the ability to live chat with attendees and schedule appointments.

The ASSEMBLY Show is the place to find innovative new ideas to help grow your business and career!

InterTech is attending the Virtual Expo where our leading leak test experts will be available for in-depth insights on the latest leak testing technologies.

InterTech Development Company competence of testing and calibration laboratory ISO17025-2017 certification

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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is applicable to all organizations performing laboratory activities, regardless of the number of personnel.

Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities, organizations and schemes using peer-assessment, accreditation bodies, and others use ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in confirming or recognizing the competence of laboratories.

InterTech has its certifications qualified until December 2023.

Do you know whether to focus your efforts on improving your quality assurance or quality control system on key Medical Device Technology?

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When working through remediation efforts and your medical device malfunctioned during patient use, do you know whether to focus your efforts on improving your quality assurance or quality control system or decisions made on improvements be made to both?

Quality assurance and quality control have complementary functions and each carry responsibilities that serve very different purposes.

Without a clear understanding of these systems and how they should function, you’ll struggle to ensure your medical devices are safe and effective and meet the highest specifications requirements.

Review IDC design reports on key advances in the Medical Device Area particularly around recent Covid 19 technologies / know-how to gain understanding of the differences and cross overs of quality assurance and quality control and learn how to leverage the best tools and methodologies to successfully control and assure quality of your product and processes using leading edge InterTech technology and expertise.

Can superior dry air leak testing be used to accelerate manufacture of critically needed superfast COVID-19 diagnostic instruments?

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InterTech Superior mass flow Med75 Leak Detectors not only speed test cycles by 90%, but also eliminate the errors (both false positives and false negatives) inherent in previously used pressure decay testing methods.

Benefits include the manufacture of critically needed rapid COVID-19 diagnostic instruments is tripled.

InterTech’s pandemic rapid response test engineering team more than halved time to market for this turnkey solution to the challenges of high throughput manufacture of fast clinical diagnostic instruments.

Each InterTech M1075-y Test Instrument holds up to 40 million test results on board, storing up to 99 different part programs.

Instruments are 21CFR Part 11 compliant.

Are you part of the COVID-19 solution or considering ways to re-purpose your plant to help us meet the pandemic challenge?

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InterTech Development Company’s superior MED75 Leak Detectors test critical components of COVID- 19 diagnostic instruments to critical leak rates.

InterTech MED75 cuts test cycle time by 90%– a dramatic savings made possible by InterTech’s superior and patented mass flow sensors, test circuit designs and unique test fixture solutions. Med75 Leak tester

A leading manufacturer of COVID-19 rapid testing systems is able to triple production to help meet the demands of this global emergency—and do so with a savings of more than US$ 3 million.

InterTech’s test engineering specialists—arguably the most experienced leak and functional test experts in the world—fast-tracked both engineering this solution and mobilizing the supply chain required to bring this high speed manufacturing system for COVID-19 diagnostic instruments in a matter of weeks.

How can throughput on ventilator and related respiratory treatment technology keep up with the demands of the current and future pandemics?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed demand for oxygen delivery systems overnight.  Global health care specialists warn that the world’s manufacturing systems need to also prepare us for pandemics to come.   Whether your company is an automotive or other manufacturer newly moving into ventilator manufacture, or is an existing ventilator manufacturer seeking to multiply production several fold, any and all production bottlenecks need to be eliminated to meet this skyrocketing demand.

Context on Ventilator Applications

Historically, testing of oxygen delivery devices pre-market release has posed a significant hurdle.  Rapidly manufactured ventilator systems must function with precise control of pressures, oxygen volumes, failsafe toggle between on-demand and automatic mandatory ventilation, and allow clinicians to manage tidal volumes, respiratory rates and more.    Machine design must also allow for infection control either via disposable parts or easy decontamination.

InterTech Expert Instrumentation replaces error-prone mechanical components such as bellows used for calibration of oxygen delivery systems to significantly improve system response times and repeatability.

Contact IDC for full application details and new design reports on ventilator and related respiratory treatment technology testing

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance – IDC application know-how

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CFR Part 11 applies to drug manufacturers, biotech companies, medical device manufacturers, contract research organizations, and several other FDA-regulated industries (such as food and beverage manufacturing) – some companies use Part 11 as a guide to assure that they are utilizing good processes for managing their electronic training records and other documents.Med75 Leak tester

Accurate record generation means that records entered into the system must be completely retrievable without unexpected alteration or unrecorded changes. There are many ways InterTech products and equipment can help Medical Device Users towards 21CFR11 compliance. Accurate record generation means that records entered into the system are completely retrievable without unexpected alteration or unrecorded changes.

InterTech Instrumentation and Application expertise provides turnkey customized solution for leak testing applications that guarantees single source Gauge R & R gauge compliance capability, guarantying the speed and reliability of the measurement values acquired by the system. In audit and production applications IDC instrumentation testing results determine quality, safety, strength, efficacy, or purity related to product release and product quality.

Contact IDC for application details.

InterTech’s innovative sealing mechanisms for audit tests of small parts can be relied upon to shorten time-to-market

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Many of the latest generation product designs rely on the integrity of small dimension parts to function as designed, and/or to be leak-proof. This is true of a wide range of applications that now incorporate small die cast or molded parts from AV EV, to latest generation medical devices, and more.

Speeding audit testing is not only a matter of using best in class test technology. Fixture design must also allow for consistent test results, and the quick changes that an aggressive R&D team creating and testing myriad new product designs requires.

InterTech’s fixture designs for small part R&D, like other InterTech innovations to streamline all new product audit testing, are similarly low-cost.

Gauge R&R of 1 -20% for small parts is assured.

A wide range of part variety is accommodated on the same stand, saving time and money.

Versatile InterTech instruments make it easy to add, edit and change programs and part parameters.

For example, you can remotely control pressure limits and fill times, upper and lower calibration factors and many other variables.

Rigorous testing of electronics’ sealed enclosures to IP67 standard

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The Challenge:

• Smart Phones
• Medical Wearables & disposables
• Cameras for AV applications
• Radar/Lidar Enclosures
• And more…

These and similar electronics-based products can only be reliable if and when they are able to withstand dirt and water. Specifically, these electronics-based components must all meet or exceed IP67 ingress ratings. That means they must be totally protected against dust and protected against the ingress of water in a harmful quantity after immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Without proper IP 67 testing of sealed enclosure integrity, the lifespan and performance of a fast growing array of consumer and industrial electronics components cannot be assured.

An InterTech M1075y leak detector is used for fast and accurate testing to meet IP67 requirements. InterTech test technology automatically compensates for external changes such as temperature, and a unique test-centric design assures gage accuracy.

Mass flow leak testing with the InterTech M1075 is non- destructive, clean and easily handles specifications of 0.5 sccm at pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bar with fast test times. Because it effectively checks for gross leaks prior to fine leak testing absolute reliability is ensured.

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