Certification of Registration – ISO 9001 – 2015 – An IDC Update

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  • IDC has recently passed the stringent ISO certification process and had its ISO certification renewed.  The certification process included implementing the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and then completing a successful registrar’s audit confirming the organization meets these requirements.
  • ISO creates documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.
  • ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 161 national standards bodies.
  • Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.

Can We Speed Up Large Part Leak Testing?

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Can We Speed Up Large Part Leak Testing?

  • Leak testing large volume automotive components –transfer cases, oil pan assemblies, reservoirs , intake manifolds, and transmissions, and the like– poses a different set of challenges than those of testing smaller parts.
  • Some automotive manufacturers have straddled their operations with antiquated pressure decay leak test methods for such large parts. Pressure decay, or differential pressure decay testing, is rarely a best match leak test method for large parts because the larger the part volume, the smaller the change in pressure for a given leak rate.  With pressure testing, as you increase test volumes the result is inherently long test times AND increased measurement errors.
  • Using mass flow leak testing methods for large parts is always faster with acceptable gage R&R easier to achieve. However, a vigilant eye on how production rates are impacting the bottom line is compelling many manufacturers of larger automotive parts to ask

Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2018

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  • The 14th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS 2018) took place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July4 -7, 2018.   The Engineers and decision-makers of well-known car manufacturers and Tier 1, 2 suppliers from China and other countries across the world gathered together at AMTS 2018, and attracted 80,000 professional visitors, with about 800 exhibitors.
  • IDC had a great show with a wide range of visitors and enquiries
  • As a leading exhibition for Automotive Materials, Design, Technology and Equipment, Quality and Assembling, and Engineering and Service Technologies, AMTS 2018, the 14th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show identified “DesignTech Zone”, “AL Engineering”, “Carbon Fiber Engineering Zone”, “TechShow Zone” as new segments with a deep understanding of market needs.

IDC Updates

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InterTech Joins Conventional, EV and Hybrid Vehicle Design TeamsA wide range of automotive manufacturers for conventional EV and hybrid vehicles are calling upon InterTechs unsurpassed Test Engineering talent to join their development teams to quickly get products to consumers. With Lean Design in mind, InterTech test engineers help design methods for both prototypes and assembly lines that are up to 30% lower cost and/or 50% faster.

 Launch the Future…Meet You at AMTS 2018 Shanghai or Assembly 2018 Rosemont, IL.

 Clearing Up Some Leak Test Confusions – answering questions from InterTech customers and also take on some misleading information that manufacturers of Brand X leak detectors have been disseminating.

 Get your Testing Operations Ready for Robots!

 Things Change – Mass Flow Sensors Sure Have!!!

Many Reasons were given to attendees on why to visit InterTech Development Company at Korea Show

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Automotive Testing Expo Korea mirrored the same proven successful formula of its sister exhibitions in Stuttgart, Detroit, Shanghai and Chennai, and brought together the world’s leading manufacturers of test and evaluation equipment and test service providers.

InterTech’s Med75 instrument on display showing it’s flexibly in adapting to the testing requirements of various medical devices with configurations for:  leak and flow; a combination of pressure decay and mass flow leak detection; and leak and flow tests for catheters and many med devices!

Intertech Design Reports – DR 140 End OF Line Testing

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  • Latest on why and how InterTech assists a wide range of manufacturers to identify best in-line functional test systems in the earliest stages of process development to significantly cut costs.
  • Extensive testing of your products’ functions before releasing them to the market used to be a competitive advantage. Today this has become not just an advantage but a requirement.  End-users demand unfailing quality making pre-market release product testing a necessity
  • However, testing a fully assembled product is typically a complex challenge and a costly one. End-of-line functional testing can cost millions of dollars.  Those who instead build in-line testing into their operation – using test instruments that cost a fraction of end-of-line testing—DO have a competitive advantage.
  • Accessing Big Data makes the competitive advantage of in-line testing even more significant.  Data-driven insights into manufacturing can help identify and re-align defective processes and minimize the number of defective parts or products released to the marketplace.

Can We Speed Up Large Volume Part Leak Testing by Eliminating Filler Blocks?

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The Challenge:

  • Oil pans require leak testing—a production step historically slowed by the relative large volume of each part. Traditionally, filler blocks are incorporated into the test process in order to reduce the test volume making the leak test cycle both more accurate and relatively faster.  Loading and unloading filler blocks do add time to the production process.  But without filler blocks, the stabilization phase of testing proceeds too slowly and with too much error.

The InterTech Solution:

  • InterTech Development Company engineers a leak test system where oil pans are tested to a 10 sccm limit, at a pressure of 100kPa (14.5psig) within 19 seconds.
  • This fast production rate is achieved without filler blocks. InterTech’s fast oil pan leak test system includes:
  • Superior test accuracy and at faster speeds using the InterTech M1075 Mass Flow Leak Detector to control the test cycle 
Unlike generic test instruments, InterTech’s mass flow leak testers use patented sensors that are tuned to perform optimally and most sensitively within the test parameters required for testing these large volume oil pans.
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