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  • Many Manufacturing Industries including Automotive and Medical Device face a growing number of challenges and pressures. Cost pressure, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing. At the same time, big data and analytics today offer previously possibilities for tackling these and many other challenges they face. Efforts to streamline processes and optimize supply chains can be supported by examining every process component and supply chain link in detail. Big Data analytics give manufacturers this capability.
  • With the right analytics, manufacturers can zero in on every segment of the production process and examine supply chains in minute detail, accounting for individual activities and tasks. This ability to narrow the focus allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and reveal underperforming processes and components. Big Data analytics reveal dependencies, enabling manufacturers to enhance production processes and create alternative plans to address potential pitfalls.
  • Big data brings with it many benefits. Real-time access to critical traceable configuration data provides an exceptional level of detail to quickly review for suspect parts that can help preclude equipment/system malfunctions and help eliminate the need for equipment redesign. The ability to identify and trace faulty parts to their origin proves invaluable.


  • IDC offers know how in seamless integration and innovation within the manufacturing environment in Leak Detection with its range of products, supplier management capability, and data transparency and reliability.  IDC offers industry-leading quality management solutions that enables Big Data analysis and a path to better quality management.

Medical Device Show 2019 California USA

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Feb 5 – 7th 2019 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West connections to stay ahead in the global medical manufacturing community. 1,900 cutting-edge suppliers showcasing the latest solutions in contract manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, automation, R&D, medical device components, materials, plastics, and more,

IDC will be there…. Booth 1987, leading edge leak detection technology………….

Key items we want to talk to you about….

  • Are Your Testing Systems Robotics Ready?
  • Talk Testing and Take in a Show
  • Make Medical Device Manufacturing History in Anaheim!
  • Clearing Up Some Leak Test Confusions
  • Operates in a wide temperature range?
    Pressures vary widely too??
  • Will membrane medical device designs leak??

M-1075 leak detectors optimize leak and functional testing processes with advanced Ethernet IP- compatible instrumentation.

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InterTech M1075 – for unsurpassed leak testing speed and accuracy

InterTech M-1075 Leak Test instrumentation and functional test stands generate real time quality control data, facilitating the integration of manufacturing and management information systems.

The Challenge

  • Manufacturers want instrumentation designed to manage all their functional testing requirements. For high volume leak and functional testing they want instrumentation that simplifies integration with in house networks.
  • This includes integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP). Instrumentation
  • Check out IDC design report DR130 for full details on how to optimize leak and functional testing processes with advanced Ethernet IP-compatible instrumentation. 

Follow the link at DR130_web site for unique engineering insights from leading leak detection experts.


Technology Podcast: Latest Developments in Test Technology for the Medical and Automotive Industries

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InterTech’s turnkey test solutions consistently lower product testing costs by 25% or more to achieve cost-reductions and maintain quality across various industry standards. InterTech utilizes in-depth knowledge of industry requirements and detailed studies and application for end-user product specifications. 

 InterTech can offer unique insights as outlined in this podcast on the necessity of careful selection of best-match test instruments that are uniquely tailored to each product being tested.  Key items for consideration include the need for system -level integration of hardware and software and data handling and storage for ease of access and use over plant-wide networks. 

 Key InterTech personnel provide a depth of knowledge and expertise on the means to do this via this insightful and thought provoking podcast as broadcasted on the recent Tech ManufactureXPO which outlined trends from design to delivery in global manufacturing and more…….

Listen here…idcpodcast-v1


Create a Sustaining and Compliant QMS for Regulatory Challenges.

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Medical device regulatory has never been more challenging.  That’s why developing a compliant, sustaining and effective QMS – for multiple regulatory environments – is critical.

 InterTech Development Company, a world leader in device testing, is pleased to be a lead sponsor of an important webinar on this vital issue, presented by Assembly Magazine.

 InterTech invites you to view this important presentation, featuring Christopher J. Devine, President, Devine Guidance International, Inc.

 Link into this timely QMS System webinar, presented by Assembly, and sponsored by InterTech – click here