InterTech’s Patented Innovations for Leak Testing and Calibration and Functional Performance Testing

InterTech invests considerable time and engineering talent developing optimized custom solutions for leak testing, calibrating leaks, and validating test technology as well as functional testing. These R&D efforts have achieved unparalleled accuracy, speed, R&R, reliability, and convenience in production line leak testing, flow testing, and functional testing.
Applying best-match leak test technology as required, InterTech supplies elite manufacturers of medical devices and products, as well as automotive and industrial component manufacturers cost-effective leading-edge turnkey test solutions built to ISO 13485:2003 and/or ISO 9001 compliance.
InterTech’s Patented Technology is the Underpinning of its ISO Accreditation.

CalVal – 2006 U.S. Patent 7,017,387

    • Electronic technology for self-calibration and automatic validation of leak testing with an accuracy of +/-2% of reading or 0.02 sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute). CalVal does not require an operator and eliminates production delays for off-line mechanical calibration.

Advanced Mass Flow Sensor – 1992 U.S. Patent 5,161,410

    • Enhances the technology of dry air leak testing in factory environments by maintaining high measurement accuracy across a wider range of air pressures and temperatures, ambient temperatures, and random, short-duration disturbances in measured airflow.

Bias Flow Leak Testing – 1996 U.S. Patent 5,546,789

    • InterTech’s accuracy-sharpening technique couples downstream (bell jar) leak testing with a known preliminary airflow that confirms a leak-tight bell jar seal or sets a known leak reference. This allows true test part leakage to be measured more precisely in less time and is especially helpful in testing to low leak limits.

CalMaster® – 1994 U.S. Patent 5,363,689

    • InterTech’s CalMaster® obsoletes fragile, cumbersome flowmeters and rotameters offering a rugged, user-adjustable, hand-held, electronic alternative that displays leak or flow rate continuously in digital read-out format with no user judgment or calculations needed.

Hydraulic Fluid/Dry Air Testing – 2001 U.S. Patent 6,279,383

    • InterTech’s technique for using air pressure rise to measure hydraulic fluid leakage significantly improves accuracy and repeatability by eliminating the variable effects of bulk modulus (fluid compressibility) that distorts conventional test methods relying on fluid pressure measurement.

Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Extending Clamp – 2002 U.S. Patent 6,442,550

    • InterTech’s design combines a compact body with considerable reach and 1000 pounds of clamping force. These features shorten part-to-part cycle times by allowing ample clearance for loading parts into fixtures and extending to apply the clamping force needed for effectively sealing the part.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Testing – 2003 U.S. Patent 6,626,027

    • Bypassing the limitations of helium mass spectrometry, InterTech’s newest technology for measuring leak rates as small as 10-11 sccs uses hyperpolarized helium-3 as a tracer gas detected by applying a magnetic field and radiofrequency excitation, then measuring resonant electromagnetic frequency emitted by the He-3 nuclei. NMR testing provides shorter test cycle times, insensitivity to temperature variation or false detection of other environmental gases and impurities plus the elimination of costly vacuum equipment and time-consuming maintenance associated with mass spectrometry.