New Standard for Leak Test Calibration Accuracy

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Electronic technology for self-calibration and automatic validation

M1075Y – Single Channel Leak Detector

InterTech Development Company announces that CalVal™, the world’s only electronic technology for self-calibration and automatic validation of leak testing can now achieve an accuracy of +/-2% of reading or 0.02 sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute). This new CalVal standard further differentiates InterTech’s patented technology for electronic calibration from relatively unreliable mechanical calibration methods and allows manufacturers to maintain the highest quality standards without slowing production line output for time-consuming mechanical calibration. With CalVal, no operator judgment is required and the calibration process is automatic.

Jacques Hoffmann, President and Founder of InterTech Development Company comments, “At best, mechanical calibration methods can only achieve a repeatable and reproducible accuracy of 0.1 sccm. This is because conventional calibration methods have inherent limitations such as pneumatic valves and other moving parts that can stick or wear, as well as small gaps or orifices that are likely to change due to clogging. InterTech created the solid state CalVal technology to bypass these mechanical limitations.”

CalVal is a failsafe self-calibrating electronically-controlled standard that doesn’t require an operator. It allows manufacturers, including those with globally distributed manufacturing operations, to achieve consistently high quality standards. Uptime is optimized by eliminating production delays for off-line mechanical calibration. CalVal can pay for itself in less than six months through improved quality and reduced operating cost savings.

The ability to frequently calibrate test stations, including both instrumentation and fixturing, while reducing operating expenses, due to lost time for calibration and technician expenses, assures that a vendor will meet 6 sigma quality requirements and deliver only acceptable parts to it’s customer

CalVal is built around InterTech’s unsurpassed mass-flow sensing technology that is able to test volumes from less than 1cc to over 10 liters with an accuracy of 0.05 sccm.

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