IP67 Testing for Automotive Components

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IP67 testing for automotive components is mastered using InterTech’s long proven and technically superior leak test instrumentation.  InterTech’s leak test instrumentation not only utilizes advanced mass flow sensor technology tuned for sealed package leak testing requirements to meet IP67 protection requirements for AV & EV vehicles, but also superior test circuit designs with optional patented add-ons such as Ex-Heat™ for large part testing or test-circuit built-ins for high-precision temperature compensation.

Waterproofing Test Instrumentation Advantages

Users of Intertech’s test instrumentation also get the competitive advantages of streamlined leak testing for EV & AV vehicles with quickest response times, fast recovery from gross leaks (transducer saturation), testing that is independent of variations in supply pressure, and constant cycling from ambient pressure to test pressure, among other benefits.

For more information on IP67 testing for automotive components and how Intertech’s leak detector meets the requirements for AV & EV vehicles, contact us today!

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