Electric? Hydrogen? Hybrid? Autonomous? Or Something Else Again?

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With so much money and R&D effort going into battery powered vehicles (BEV), does that mean hydrogen fueled transport is dead?

A consensus is building that perhaps the best approach will be to match the type of vehicle with the type of use. For example, battery EVs may be the best approach for city buyers to replace petrol cars. But more expensive Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), powered by hydrogen, might replace diesel trucks, buses, and large SUVs because BEVs – or at least the designs of today—have too many batteries and take too long to charge.

It’s useful to remember that a hydrogen vehicle is still an electric vehicle that just uses a different mechanism to generate electricity for propulsion.

What is also clear to the deep bench of leak test engineering expertise at InterTech Development Company is also that the success of ALL of the New Energy Vehicle designs on the drawing board or in production, hinge, in part, on best GR&R leak testing technology.

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