Catheter Pressure Decay Leak Test System

Catheters are sequentially leak tested to a 20 sccm limit.

Catheter Leak Detector System and Equipment


InterTech’s experts adopt a systems perspective to develop the best catheter test solution possible through a proven methodology:
    • Determination of the proper test method to achieve the required accuracy
    • Test results from the selected method
    • Gauge R&R of the entire test solution, not just instruments
    • Cycle time projections
    • Best fixturing methods to achieve highest yields and Gauge R&R
    • Accurate assessments of trade-offs and projected return-on-investment from testing technology options



    • The speed and accuracy of InterTech leak testing and functional testing solutions have enabled many FDA-regulated manufacturers with demanding cleanroom environments to dramatically increase yields of the highest quality catheter medical products while all the time reducing rework or defects.

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