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Testing Devices for Respiratory Ventilators – Gas Flow Analyzers for Ventilators

Importance of Mechanical Ventilators & Respirators

To support patients with severe respiratory conditions that impact the lungs such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (a form of respiratory failure where the lungs become severely inflamed due to an infection or injury and can’t provide the body’s vital organs with enough oxygen), pneumonia, and COVID-19, ventilators are used to help patients breathe by getting oxygen into the lungs and get rid of carbon dioxide.

Respiratory Ventilator Manufacturing Challenges

With the current situation and increase in demand for medical ventilators, manufacturing experts and medical device makers are faced with the dilemma of whether newer companies that are not as familiar with this regulated sector are able to easily repurpose their shops to create these ventilators. In addition, the functionality ventilators are also questioned on how efficient and accurate they can simulate regular breathing patterns.

Gas Flow Analyzers for Ventilators:

Intertech Development Company offers a solution to testing the functionality for respiratory ventilators by providing precise electronic control of the vacuum ramp rate simulates different breathing patterns. IDC test devices for respiratory ventilators/instrumentation can confer a therapeutic benefit on a patient and ensure that specifications are adhered to and are acceptable for clinicians.

We have considerable test experiences and expertise in the Medical Device arena. Example applications include testing portable oxygen conservation devices (OCD) that minimize oxygen use because there are only flows when triggered by inspiration in a natural breathing cycle.

The complete functional test of the system supplied by IDC for varying pressure ranges includes an auto triggering test to ensure that it does not operate unintentionally, a sensitivity test to detect the vacuum level at which the unit pulses, a pulse volume test at various positions to verify that the delivered volume is within the specification of each setting, continuous flow tests by selecting the control flow, a battery test at low-voltage pulse settings that test monitoring volumes, and an apnea test.

Ventilator Specification Requirements:

Our gas flow analyzers for ventilators are capable of simulating breathing functions to trigger a ventilator including adjustable inspiratory pressure and failure. Option to check ventilator over-pressure fail-safe function. Interactive HMI to provide operator prompts to select ventilator settings through the test cycle. Provide measurement of ventilator functions and provide alarms for:

  • Respiratory rate / Inspiratory: Expiratory ratio (I:E)
  • Plateau and peak inspiratory pressure expiratory pressure (PEEP), 0 to 100 cmH2O
  • Tidal volume from 100mL to 800 mL

Intertech Development Company is ISO 9001 Registered and ISO 17025 Accredited. For more information on our testing technology capabilities and testing device for respiratory ventilators, contact the team at InterTech Development Company.