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Electric? Hydrogen? Hybrid? Autonomous? More topics…..

Topics Discussed in this Exceptional Design Update include:

  • Makers of Battery Operated Electric Vehicles (BEV) are always up against the extreme heat gain intrinsic to battery operation.  Without an effective electronics cooling technology of some type, battery life is short-lived.  Any and all designs for electronics cooling in turn rely on coolant system integrity.
  • Hydrogen powered electric vehicles must similarly safeguard the integrity of the fuel cell components operating at high pressures by mastering leak-proof sealing technologies. Similar to the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) components of many plug-in hybrid vehicles, leak testing must contend with the real-world high pressure conditions in which components must reliably function.
  • Add to this alphabet soup of New Energy Vehicles (NEV), the demands that makers of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) face in ensuring absolutely fail-proof package integrity of sealed electronics critical for cameras, radar and lidar technology.
  • Simply put, every variation of NEV designs – both extant and in design phase—must have reliable and highly accurate leak test systems in order to function as designed. Contact IDC for a new design report n key technology in the BEV area.