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Electronics Component Testing - Smart Phones - Medical Wearables & Disposables - Cameras for AV applications - Lidar Enclosures

Rigorous testing of electronics’ sealed enclosures to IP67 standard is streamlined with superior mass flow leak test instruments.

The Challenge • Smart Phones • Medical Wearables & disposables • Cameras for AV applications • Radar/Lidar Enclosures

And more…

• Mass flow leak testing with the InterTech M1075 is non-destructive, clean and easily handles specifications of 0.5 sccm at pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bar with fast test times. Because it effectively checks for gross leaks prior to fine leak testing absolute reliability is ensured. For example, a battery enclosure and valve are leak tested for IP 67 compliance at a rate of 120 parts per hour.

• In another application, Electronic Control Modules are tested in a two-step process – first for gross leakage, followed by a fine leakage test to 0.6 sccm limit and 10% Gage R&R.