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Few parts are as critical to a product’s success as the new Volt cooling cell

That’s why InterTech’s patented technology was specified for mass flow leak testing.

The Volt Cooling Cell

The cell consists of two lightweight aluminum plates joined by a proprietary nickel-brazing process. Specially designed grooves stamped into the plates form channels that allow coolant pumped through the battery pack to flow over the entire cell surface. This ensures an even temperature distribution across the pack, without hot or cold spots. Heat exchanger integrity ensures that heat developed while operating the Volt, or when it is charging, will be properly dissipated to prevent damage to the components.

The InterTech Approach

InterTech was selected to evaluate testing and cycle time requirements for high speed
production line testing. At issue was the need to compensate for part expansion as pressure increases and for temperature effects during the test – while meeting stringent R&R requirements.

The InterTech Solution

InterTech’s M-1075Y and its’ patented technology ensure low cost testing, short cycle time, and ongoing repeatability. For example, to ensure reliability of this innovative new heat exchanger, the manufacturer required exceptionally demanding mass flow leak test parameters. InterTech recommended and met the requirement of testing to 0.3 sccm at 172 kPa. In fact, patented InterTech mass flow transducers can provide direct measurement of leakage down to 0.01 sccm.

Mass Flow Leak Testing Results in a 6 Second Cycle Time

The InterTech M-1075Y ensures smooth and accurate testing with uniquely operator-friendly technology, like our exclusive built-in R&R mode, which validates the repeatability–reproducibility of the test cycle.

The 6.5″ touch screen control panel has simple and intuitive operator-friendly controls which enable clear, legible display of real-time, mass flow leak test results in bright, brilliant colors. It also displays the test cycle in real time for cycle time optimization.