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Fuel Filter Leak Testing

A vehicle’s fuel filter has the responsibility of catching any debris and sediment from the fuel before it enters the engine. The filtration process starts at the fuel tank where the fuel pump is located. The fuel pump sucks the fuel through a strainer which catches the majority of debris and sends the fuel through the fuel line to the filter.The filter is responsible for catching anything the strainer might have missed. The inlet line runs into the filter and the fuel passes through to the outlet side toward the fuel injector.Fuel filters also improve performance, as the fewer contaminants present in the fuel, the more efficiently it can be burnt.

A Fuel Filter performing efficiently;

  • Prevents clogged, worn and damaged injectors
  • Helps avoid car breakdown and towing call outs – trouble free motoring
  • Long life = superior, more reliable performance
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Superior performance
  • Lower running costs

As a Fuel Filter manufacturer, your role is vital to the safe and efficient functioning of motor vehicles on the road. Understanding fully the road and weather conditions in India, we at InterTech Development Company have devised accurate and efficient fuel filter leak testing solutions. Read about one such solution below.

Filters are leak tested and acceptance marked at a rate of 138 parts per hour.


  • An InterTech M-1075 Mass Flow Air Leak Detector controls the leak test cycle.
  • Parts are tested to a 0.25 sccm limit at 6 bar. 3 different part configurations are accommodated.
  • Parts are automatically marked, unloaded and diverted to either an accept conveyor or a reject bin.


  • Measurement Capabilities: Test R&R meets ISO9001 requirements.
  • Speed: Patented downstream mass flow leak detection technology permits the fast and accurate testing of coolers using temperature compensation within 5°C of ambient.
  • Flexibility: Quick-change fixturing adapts to short run production schedules.
  • Reliability: Proven InterTech leak test instrumentation and fixture designs ensure production efficiencies. Patented bias leak technology assures failsafe operation of the test stand.

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