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InterTech Design Report (DR-176)

Ensuring Your Fuel Filtration System Is On Par With Today’s Engines

The Challenge: Today’s diesel engines and related engine parts must maintain the high-performance levels that both laws and the market require. Common rail fuel injectors, for example, operate at increasingly higher pressures, today up to 2,000-3,100 bar/ 30,000-45, 000 psi. At the same time, emissions regulations are more stringent than ever before, and if anything, will become more demanding in the coming years. These diesel engine considerations – for smooth operation and emission controls – require clean fuel, and the highly functional fuel filter technology that ensures it. If fuel filters are not on par with engine systems, clean fuel becomes elusive. In turn, that means expensive repairs and unplanned downtime for engines, fuel injectors and fuel pumps. Oil and fuel filter designs are continuously improving. Perfecting functional, leak and other tests to ensure both the integrity of filters, as well as optimal testing efficiencies during production, requires a deep bench of test engineering expertise steeped in the nuances of how these related parts – engines, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and fuel and oil filters work.

The InterTech Solution: InterTech Development Company has been the source of choice for the A-list of global diesel engine and fuel filter innovators for decades. This work has included both partnering with diesel engine and oil and fuel filter design engineers developing prototypes, as well as manufacturing engineers seeking production line efficiencies.