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Leak Detection FAQ - Solving Automotive & Medical Device Manufacturing Testing Challenges 

Can we speed up leak testing of medical bags used in a widening array of medical applications?

As the uses of plastic medical bags continue to multiply, so do the challenges. Intertech offers a solution to speed up the leak testing of medical bags through InterTech MED 75 leak test technology. These superior MED 75 test instruments have unsurpassed test accuracies with automated R&R modes through proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid-state sensors at their core.

 Will the AV/EV revolution require entirely new testing technologies for automotive manufacturers as well?

Many of the latest generation test instruments perfected for other applications are already being used in global AV & EV manufacturing plants. InterTech M1075 Leak Testers have proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid-state sensors at their core.

How can manufacturing of newer generation micro-dosing smart drug delivery systems be done reliably and affordably

With a wide range of diseases requiring very precise dosing of pharmaceuticals in micro amounts, medical device manufacturers are faced with the challenge of new drug delivery and monitoring systems. Intertech offers the M1075-01y-D, a small volume upstream leak tester that can detect leaks of .08 sccm with a total test time of 10 seconds and GR&R of less than 20% for the latest generation of inflatable membrane drug delivery devices.

Is it Possible to Test Medical Tubing for Both Small Leaks and Unimpeded Flow at rate of 3.75 Seconds per Part While Also Meeting ISO 13485 Requirements?

Yes, it is possible to test medical tubing for small leaks at a rate of 3.75 seconds while also meeting ISO 13485 requirements! EtherNet/IP enabled InterTech Med75 dual function leak and flow test instruments fully test 16 parts per minute with GR&R of less than 20% in accordance with ISO 13485 Requirements for Maintaining Consistent Quality Systems.

Can soft super-flexible medical products be leak tested accurately and quickly?

Manufacturers of medical devices and products are being called upon to find new ways to help support homecare—proven to have better clinical outcomes for many treatments and almost always preferred by patients. Today’s advanced wound care products that create negative pressure environments to accelerate healing are good examples. IDC offers superior leak testing technology for medical products that ensure accurate and quick results.

How to conduct air and oil testing?

Knowing which test mode to choose – air or hydraulic – requires a deep understanding of test methods, production line realities, and other application requirements. InterTech’s M1075 Functional Test Instrument offers hydraulic testing and air testing with real-time test graph results with accepting or reject status.

Can We Speed Up Large Part Leak Testing?

Leak testing large volume automotive components –transfer cases, oil pan assemblies, reservoirs, intake manifolds, and transmissions, and the like– poses a different set of challenges than those of testing smaller parts. However, large part leak testing can be sped up through utilizing mass flow leak testing technologies.

Are your medical device manufacturing methods liability-proof?

Intertech offers a solution for leak testing for medical devices utilizing InterTech M1075 Leak Tester which ensures accurate leak testing for plastic medical bags of various sizes at a pressure of 35 kPa (5 psig) to detect 0.5 sccm leaks that are equivalent to leaks from a 5 micron hole while meeting ISO 13485 requirements.

Intertech Development Company’s Automotive, Medical, & Industrial Testing Expertise 

In addition to the frequently asked questions, Intertech Development can provide you with the answers to your concerns in relation to the service, application, and concerns for testing automotive, medical, and industrial components.We are here to help you solve your automotive & medical device testing challenges. For more information on leak tests and how to ensure that your part will function as planned, contact the team at IDC today!