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Leak Testing Trends & Technology Updates from IDC 

The following are Recent Key Updates from Intertech Development Company, including today’s Insights and tomorrow’s technologies. Click to learn more!

Intertech Development Company offers a solution to testing the functionality for respiratory ventilators by providing precise electronic control of the vacuum ramp rate simulates different breathing patterns. IDC test devices for respiratory ventilators/instrumentation ensure that specifications are adhered to and are acceptable for clinicians.

Mass flow leak testing for electronic components using the InterTech M1075, which is non-destructive, clean and easily handles specifications of 0.5 sccm at a pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bar with fast test times. Because it effectively checks for gross leaks prior to fine leak testing absolute reliability is ensured.

IDC can test powerful sensors that deliver the range, accuracy, and resolution needed for advanced autonomous vehicles.

Our Testing expertise includes testing LiDAR parts for quality control utilizing M1075-01y Low-Pressure Mass Flow Leak Detector.

Manufacturers can improve production line testing and the lifetime performance of electronic components such as smartphones, lidar enclosures, and cameras for AV applications utilizing an InterTech M1075 mass flow leak detector.

Yes, by utilizing Intertech Development Company’s IDC Design Reports, you are able to gain data-driven insights and help identify defective parts or products.

Intertech Development Company provides expertise in testing LiDAR parts utilizing our M1075-01y Low-Pressure Mass Flow Leak Detector.

For more information on key updates regarding automotive, medical, and industrial testing technologies, contact the team at Intertech Development Company today. IDC is here to provide expertise and testing technology to ensure the functionality of your products.