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More Choices for Leak and Functional Testing of NGV Fuel Systems

Natural gas vehicles (NGV) set tolerance benchmarks for extreme leak testing applications and InterTech Development Company responds with innovative sensors and alternatives to high-cost helium mass spectrometry

The smallest leaks are unacceptable with NGV fuel systems, so the traditional leak testing approach is helium mass spectrometry. Good and expensive, it achieves results worthy of its reputation for stringent tolerances, but now specialized mass flow sensors provide alternative testing methods and major cost savings.

InterTech Development Company offers patented leak testing technology for sensors used in helium mass spectrometry and in mass flow dry air testing. Application considerations for both methods are described in a new design report from InterTech: DR-134.

“We are at a crossroads for extreme leak testing technology,” said Mr. Jacques Hoffmann, president of InterTech Development Company. “Helium shortages are common and prices are on the rise. Natural gas is abundant and cheap and the trend is for more NGVs. Helium testing will cost you, especially if there are supply chain disruptions, which is why for many companies, ‘micro flow’ mass flow systems from InterTech are on the short list of leak testing alternatives.”

Breakthroughs in mass flow sensor technology allow InterTech to offer cost savings and superior performance. Its patented sensor technology is some 10,000 times more sensitive than commercial off-the-shelf mass flow leak sensors. Compare resolution capabilities: 1.0 sccm for generic mass flow sensors versus 0.01 sccm for InterTech mass flow sensors.

The unique resolution capability of InterTech mass flow sensors makes it possible to use this more economical method to leak test NGV fuel system components and other applications with extreme requirements. When only helium will do, InterTech offers state-of-the-art helium mass spectrometry equipment and decades of automotive experience to engineer the most cost effective and efficient leak testing system.

Request your copy of DR-134 today, which explains specific issues and options for NGV fuel system leak testing. Real-world examples take the mystery out of application possibilities, and important considerations such as automatic temperature compensation are explored in this report.