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Testing Proportional Valves for Brakes

The proportioning valve reduces the pressure to the rear brakes. Regardless of what type of brakes a car has, the rear brakes require less force than the front brakes.

The amount of brake force that can be applied to a wheel without locking it depends on the amount of weight on the wheel. More weight means more brake force can be applied.If you have ever slammed on your brakes, you know that an abrupt stop makes your car lean forward. The front gets lower and the back gets higher. This is because a lot of weight is transferred to the front of the car when you stop. Also, most cars have more weight over the front wheels to start with because that is where the engine is located.

If equal braking force were applied at all four wheels during a stop, the rear wheels would lock up before the front wheels. The proportioning valve only lets a certain portion of the pressure through to the rear wheels so that the front wheels apply more braking force. For example, if the proportioning valve were set to 70 percent and the brake pressure were 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi) for the front brakes, the rear brakes would get 700 psi.

To ensure that the Proportional Valves you manufacture are capable of handling pressures such as above consistently, test your parts with the InterTech patented Mass Flow technology based leak and functional testing systems. Our robust and efficient systems handle varied pressure ranges and test settings, customised completely to suit your production and testing requirements.

A few features of the testing systems are:

  • Low pressure leak test
  • Differential valve shuttle test
  • High pressure leak test
  • Proportional valve output test
  • Bypass valve test
  • Input / output functional test
The InterTech functional test system automatically tests, gages, marks and sorts different proportional valves at 800 pph.


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